Record Store Day: Qobuz starts exclusive collaboration with independent record stores

  • To coincide with Record Store Day 2022, Qobuz starts international collaboration with local independent record stores to celebrate its 15th anniversary
  • The record stores participating in the UK are Sister Ray Records, Monorail Music, Sleeve Notes Records and Olympic Studios Records
  • High-quality music platform Qobuz plans to build a bridge between digital and physical music through the collaboration

The 15th international Record Store Day (RSD) will take place on April 23rd, 2022. Since its introduction, artists, labels, and record shops around the world have been planning exclusive promotions and releases to honor vinyl records – an enduring, ever-popular format that is still enjoying a resurgence today.

Qobuz is collaborating with select record stores internationally for the first time in order to strengthen the connection between local record stores and digital music streaming in the long term.

Record stores create individual playlists with selected songs on Qobuz

At the heart of the collaboration are individual playlists with up to 30 songs which are created and curated by the participating record stores themselves, with the aim of making the unique charm and character of each record store tangible for digital listeners on Qobuz.

The playlists are rounded off with anecdotes and images from the respective record stores. Accompanying this, the participating record stores will be presented in a series of articles in the online Qobuz magazine. Both the playlists and the posts will appear there sequentially throughout the week of Record Store Day.

The music streaming and download platform Qobuz, a pioneer of high-resolution sound, wants to work with the participating stores to build a bridge between the digital and local musical life, and in this way give listeners a complementary experience that brings the advantages of both providers closer together in the long term.

Collaboration starts in France, Germany, the Uk and the USA

Just like Record Store Day itself, this collaboration with Qobuz is not limited to the UK market, but will also be taking place in France, Germany, and the USA. The company also wants to strengthen the relationship between digital and local providers and expand the collaboration to other markets in the future.

The following record stores from France are taking part:

The following record stores from Germany are taking part:

The following record stores from the UK are taking part:

The following record stores from USA are taking part:

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