Qobuz is now live in Latin America and Portugal

Qobuz, the high-quality music platform, continues its global expansion with the opening of its service in six new countries: five in Latin America and one in Europe, doubling the number of markets covered in two years. This expansion is an opportunity for 470 million music lovers and audiophiles around the world to have access to an alternative streaming service centered around high quality sound and a unique approach to music.

Latin America, a growth market for the music streaming industry

Supported by its recent fundraising of US$ 23 million, Qobuz is continuing to expand. After its launch in Australia, New Zealand and the Nordic countries in April 2021, plus the acquisition of the Japanese high-resolution download service e-onkyo music, the French platform is now available on the South American continent. Latin America is the region with the highest growth rate in 2021 in the music streaming market (+32,5%, IFPI 2022 source) and six new countries will benefit from Qobuz’ high quality streaming offering: Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Chile and, in Europe, Portugal, bringing the total number of open countries to 25. 

Qobuz, a unique and authentic musical experience 

Since its launch in 2007, Qobuz has built a community of music lovers in all genres (pop/rock, jazz, classical, and more). With a rich musical catalog of 80 million tracks, Qobuz offers musical diversity and an opportunity for all music fans to discover, learn, collect, and share their music. For audiophiles and music lovers, the pioneering high-resolution sound platform guarantees unequaled sound quality with unaltered files straight from the studio (24-Bit/up to 192 kHz).

Qobuz also stands out for the richness of its editorial content: album reviews, booklets, panoramas, artist interviews, biographies, etc. Music fans have access to thousands of articles to nurture their musical education and accompany their discovery. Qobuz is a human-curated, tailor-made approach to music; recommendations and playlists are selected by a team of music enthusiasts to highlight up-and-coming artists, allowing lesser-known local and international artists’ music to be discovered and enjoyed. 

By placing the excellence of sound quality and a music-only focus at the center of their mission, Qobuz offers a cutting-edge service for those who want to experience a full and authentic relationship with music.

“We are happy to announce the opening of our service in Latin America and Portugal. There are many who have eagerly anticipated our arrival, awaiting access to a streaming platform that is 100% music-focused and off the beaten path. Since 2020, we have taken an ambitious approach to development. This next step will reinforce our desire to forge ahead as a high quality music platform based on a unique and eclectic music experience and a respect for artists,” said Georges Fornay, Deputy CEO of Qobuz.

Qobuz plans

QOBUZ STUDIO: unlimited streaming and discovery
. STUDIO SOLO from $10.83 per month*
. STUDIO DUO from $14.99 per month* (1 subscription, 2 accounts)
. STUDIO FAMILY from $17.99 per month* (up to 6 accounts)

QOBUZ SUBLIME: stream and collect your favorite albums
. SUBLIME SOLO at $15.00 per month*
. SUBLIME DUO at $22.49 per month*  (1 subscription, 2 accounts)
. SUBLIME FAMILY at $29.17 per month* (up to 6 accounts)

*for an annual single payment subscription.
DUO and FAMILY offers are available for people living at the same address.

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