[Paris, 20 February 2023] Qobuz, the French high-quality music platform, is launching a brand new version of its magazine. With a re-design and improved features available on all its applications, the new magazine promises a more immersive experience and better accessibility to all Qobuz editorial content. 

Qobuz editorial offering a complete immersion into the world of music

Since its creation, Qobuz has been based on three pillars: sound quality, curation and editorial content. Much more than just a music platform, one of Qobuz’s strengths and unique qualities is its content and editorial line. As a comprehensive media outlet, Qobuz offers music enthusiasts and audiophiles an in-depth look at the latest music and Hi-Fi news. 

Qobuz Magazine includes interviews, audio/tech reviews, and in-depth articles called panoramas which focus on an artist, an album, a genre, a period or a label. In all, there are more than half a million articles, updated regularly and written by a team of music experts across all musical genres. The rich and diverse content on Qobuz allows music enthusiasts to enrich their listening experience and stay up to date on the latest music news.

A streamlined interface and simplified navigation for a smoother experience 

With a new-and-improved design and simplified navigation, the new magazine has been carefully crafted to offer an optimized user experience that is unique, fluid, intuitive and immersive. Qobuz’ community of music lovers and audiophiles will be able to:  

* Enjoy easier and faster access from the home page to a wide range of content covering all music genres, thanks to a more streamlined interface and a modern design emphasizing visuals. 

* Access the magazine, playlists and recent listens directly from the new dedicated section within Qobuz applications via a new tab on the navigation bar or the phone’s home screen.

* Select content that appeals to them by filtering by genre, section or author thanks to a dedicated and improved search engine; extend their discovery with content suggestions offered at the end of most articles.

* Dive into the history of their favorite artists, genres or labels with Panoramas, now available on web browser and the Qobuz app. 

* Discover the Qobuz editorial team that works relentlessly to offer the best in music news every day. Read bios and learn each team member’s specialty, through a dedicated section of profiles.

New magazine, new experience: Qobuz offers a unique destination to rediscover the best in music. 

Download the Qobuz application to enjoy the magazine or use  the web version on a browser: https://www.qobuz.com/us-en/magazine

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