Discover Qobuz Sublime : Everything you need to know!

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Qobuz Sublime is the new music subscription service from Qobuz, designed for you as the first to combine high-quality streaming and Hi-Res downloads at a reduced price.

Below is a handy guide to explain how it works and hopefully answer all of your burning questions!

What is Qobuz Sublime?


  • A streaming subscription
    (True CD-quality – 16-bit/44.1KHz throughout our catalogue)


  • A permanent reduction on Hi-Res 24-bit downloads
    From 30% to 60% across a large part of the Hi-Res catalogue (see more below)


How much is it?

The Sublime subscription costs just £219.99/219,99€ per year
That’s just £20 less than our annual Hi-Fi subscription, and a further £20 less than our monthly Hi-Fi subscription.
It also means 365 days of unlimited Hi-Res Audio downloads for the price of MP3, on top of unlimited streaming across the catalogue both at home and on-the-go. It doesn’t take a maths degree to see the great savings!

Does Qobuz Sublime’s Hi-Res really offer the best possible audio quality?

Yes. The files are exactly the same as those offered without the Sublime subscription. Our suppliers do not give us special files just for this offer – and never will.
The Hi-Res you get with Qobuz Sublime includes all 24-bit formats, up to and including 192kHz.

I already have a subscription. How can I upgrade?

No problem! You can now subscribe to Sublime. You will immediately be reimbursed the difference of the remainder of your current subscription. Don’t worry – you won’t be left short!
But just to be safe, here’s what your confirmation should look like:


How much of the catalogue is eligible for the Sublime offer?

Around 50% of the catalogue is already eligible – just one week following the launch of Sublime.

We fully expect this proportion to shoot up as we continue negotiations with our labels. Our aim is to have 100% of our Hi-Res catalogue included in the Sublime offer.

How do I know if an album is available at the reduced price?

If the price is marked “Hi-Res with Qobuz Sublime”, the album is part of our reduced catalogue. You can have a look around before you decide to sign up. Browse our pages and see for yourself what you make of our offer!

I chose the wrong price option…

People make mistakes! Our client service is happy to intervene, and you can compare the various price options of the items in your basket.

Can I give a Qobuz Sublime subscription to a friend?

Of course! Find our more about how you can Offer Qobuz here!

…and a few more surprises!

Our Sublime subscription still has more up its sleeve with some exciting developments in the pipeline for the coming months. For example, you will soon be able to stream your Hi-Res purchases with our apps or compatible audio devices.

I have another question…

If you still want to know more, drop us a line at

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  • Don’t think much of a service that is around 30% cheaper in the EU than in the UK. Until you change that i’ll not subscribe.

    • Hi Alan,

      Unfortunately, due to do the exchange rate between euro and pounds, we are not able to practice different prices for now.

      All the best

  • I would love to subscribe to Gobuz Sublime, but for a student living in Argentina it is to much money. Thank you.

    • Hello Mariano,

      Qobuz is currently only open in the UK, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, NL, Belgium, Luxembourg Ireland.
      Qobuz is really sorry you cannot find our service in your country.
      Although, you should know our International developpement is growing, we might open soon in your country ! 🙂

      Best regards