Written by Qobuz
Qobuz is introducing Hi-Res streaming for its Android application in yet another world premiere for online music! In the near future, all connected devices will be Hi-Res compatible. Our users who have had the good sense to sign up to Qobuz Sublime can stream 24-Bit albums that they have purchased on in Hi-Res quality​, so long as the mobile devices being used are compatible with the playback of these formats, of course. In this way, the link between their streaming subscription and Hi-Res Audio is made seamless.

In the latest version of Qobuz Music for Android, you will be able to find all of the information concering your favourite albums, their availabilty in Hi-Res, their bitrates or even sampling frequencies. On the album page of the Qobuz application for Android, the act of purchasing is made much easier thanks to the addition of a direct link towards the purchase page on the mobile version of Once your purchase has been made, you will be automatically redirected back to the application to enjoy the album immediately, in streaming or as a download!

Screenshot of Qobuz Music application for Android: Album Page

​Your download purchases will now downloaded without encryption in the Android version of the application. This will allow you to transfer your Hi-Res files onto another computer or play them back with other applications. In the Qobuz Music application for Android you can now instantly change the quality of your streamed music by simply clicking directly on the zone in the player where the quality is displayed.

Screenshot of Qobuz Music application for Android – currently playing track

Some visual adjustments have also been made for a better ‘readability’ and overall clarity within the Qobuz Music application for Android

Update your Qobuz application for Android now!


  • ive a sublime subscription – when will I be able to stream in 24bit ? (Without having already purchased the item – as, if this is the case, i don’t need to stream it!)

    • Hello Mike,

      Congratulations for chosing Qobuz, best music service available today.

      The Qobuz subscription enables you to stream in Hi-Res the albums you have previously bought in Hi-Res.

      The Sublime subscription is a Hi-Fi subscription that gives access to buying music in Hi-Res at a favourable price. For now, Qobuz is the first streaming service that gives access to streaming in Hi-Res music previously bought in Hi-Res format – under some conditions though.

      For now, we have focused this premiere on Android mobile devices and on the multi-room Electro-Companiet. We will adapt this new technology to a maximum of devices that are supporting Hi-Res.

      For example, it is now available on HTC One M8 or M9, Samsung Note 4 and Galaxy S6, S6 Edge or Sony Z3+.

      Best regards

      • And what about the question Mike asked 🙂

        When you buy a hi res album there is not much need to stream it, as you can play from a NAS for example.

        So will people be able to stream in 24 bit , without buying the albums?

  • Hi,

    I have recently signed up for Qobuz and downloaded the Android app. I am having a lot of trouble getting this to stream correctly on my mobile phone. Regardless of whether I am streaming songs in MP3 320 or CD quality, or whether I am on Wi-Fi or my mobile network, the songs will skip for no reason and jump around from the beginning of the track to the end and back again. This is particularly frustrating when I have listened to a song and there is 10 seconds remaining – and all of a sudden it jumps to the start again and I have to listen to the full song again. I am very keen to become a paying member of Qobuz as I greatly enjoy/appreciate the superior sound quality to other comparable services. Please can you advise how I go about stopping this streaming error occurring? The Qobuz service would be PERFECT if I could only stream things correctly and smoothly.

    Kind Regards

    • Hi Paul,

      Congratulations for chosing Qobuz !
      How long have you been having this problem ?
      Could you please tell us what brand your mobile phone ? Also, what version of Qobuz Music have you got installed on your mobile phone ?
      Is there enough storage space left on it ?
      Please write all your answers to the following address:
      We will answer and help you solve your problem as soon as possible.

      Best regards

    • Dear Michael,

      Yes, there is ! We will tell you more about it as soon as possible.