Q​obuz integrates with LINN Hi-Fi streamers

Written by Qobuz

Two pioneers in high-quality audio join forces to offer an outstanding online music listening experience.

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Qobuz is a pioneer in high-quality online music who just last month received the coveted Hi-Res certification from the Japan Audio Society. LINN set the standard in audio hardware by producing the first audio-connected network players compatible with Hi-Res files.

Thanks to a simple update, every LINN DS Network Music Player now has access to Qobuz features, from Kiko all the way to Klimax. Qobuz subscribers can listen to all of their playlists and favourite songs via the Kazoo application available for iPad, Mac OS and Windows.

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You can now stream your Hi-Res purchases if you are Qobuz Sublime subscriber. Please make sure that your LINN system is updated to Davaar 32 Build 1283 (4.32.1283).

Screenshot of LINN's music player working with Qobuz

Screenshot of LINN’s music player working with Qobuz