BubbleUPnP integrates Hi-Res streaming with Qobuz

Written by Qobuz

BubbleUPnP now supports Hi-Res streaming, which is good news for all of our Qobuz Sublime subscribers, since streaming your purchases in Hi-Res 24-Bit format is now possible with a subscription to Qobuz Sublime on Android. Qobuz HI-FI subscribers will be able to stream their music in true CD quality, and our PREMIUM subscribers will have access to MP3s files at 320 kbps. As for our downloaders, they can now also stream their purchases in CD quality.

All metadata and reviews provided by our curators and specialists at Qobuz can be supported by BubbleUPnP. For workaholics and other phone addicts, it is possible to respond to telephone calls without even stopping the wireless playback of your music!

BubbleUPnP has the advantage of being a reliable and straightforward app to use. It is available in a free trial version, but is in this case limited to only 16 musical titles. To use BubbleUPnP at an unlimited rate, get the full version for just 3.49!

BubbleUPnP Player working with qobuz


And, for those who are yet to discover BubbleUPnP…

BubbleUPnP ( (a familiar app to our subscriber on Android!) allows users to stream their music from Qobuz, and to send videos or photos on various DLNA compatible devices installed throughout the house. In case you have forgotten, the DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) is a standard that allows devices to operate while being connected at home (such as the TV, internet modem, or home cinema…). This technology is critical at a moment in which we talk about the return of music “at home”, and the DLNA incorporates prestigious brands such as Chromecast, Yamaha, Sony, Pioneer, Onkyo, Denon, Marantz, Bose, Samsung, Xbox, PlayStation, and many others. You will find the complete list of DLNA products by clicking here.

Example of metadata created by Qobuz curators, as featured on BubbleUPnP

Example of metadata created by Qobuz curators, as featured on BubbleUPnP