Thanks to Chromecast, Qobuz now works with even more devices!

Written by Qobuz

Qobuz Music, now compatible with iOS and Android through Google Cast, has greatly extended its possible connectivity with other audio devices.



Google Cast, how does it work?

The HDMI Chromecast key, as well as the new Chromecast Audio box, using Google Cast technology, allow users of Qobuz Music for iOS and Android to stream the contents of the application on any existing audio system.

All protocol at its most simplified, you only need to connect the Chromecast key (HDMI) or the Chromecast Audio (mini-jack or optic cable) to an audiophile system (television, sound system, speakers, amplifiers, DAC) that connects to the domestic Wi-Fi. The system can, therefore, play your music. The smartphone or tablet no longer acts as a mere remote control, and music is streamed directly from the Google Cast unit. LG and SONY also support Google Cast.

And the advantages…?

There are many! Complementing network drives and speakers that are already connected to Qobuz, the Qobuz Music user on iOS and Android can now experience Qobuz in original, lossless quality. You can also receive phone calls without turning off your music, and thereby save the battery on your smartphone or tablet.

Qobuz is, what’s more, the first service to offer True CD Quality on Google Cast.

logo google cast* The Google Cast logo which permits you to activate the application on your mobile.