Qobuz does NOT rent or sell customer data to third parties

Written by Qobuz

It seems that a number of our users have recently been impacted by relatively low-end spam arriving to the inbox of their Qobuz account email address, as it is often the case that these email addresses are created specifically for the purpose of opening their Qobuz account.

We noticed that the vast majority of spam received corresponds to Qobuz accounts and email addresses that were created at least 6 months ago, and in many cases a lot longer. A flaw in our API was detected a few months ago, which has today been corrected. We believe that this flaw was behind the problem, and was perhaps exploited by spamming agents online.

We would remind you at this time that Qobuz NEVER sells, rents or lends the coordinates of our clients, subscribers or users to any third party entities.

We present our deepest apologies to those who have received these spam mails and our assurances that we have, and continue to do, our utmost to prevent such inconveniences in the future.