To summarize: with which products is Qobuz compatible?

Written by Qobuz

Today, a variety of methods exist enabling you to enjoy the services offered by Qobuz at home.

Here is a summary table, and the explanations below:

UX Native CD quality Hi-Res Booklets Metadata
Android 4.1 + X X X X X
iOS 7 + X X X X X
Windows Phone X X X X
Desktop PC/MAC X X X X X
Internet Explorer X X X
Chrome X X X X
Firefox X X X X
Safari X X X X
Chromecast Audio X X X X X
Chromecast TV X X X X
Naim GoogleCast X X X X X
Onkyo X X X X X
Pioneer X X X X X
Sony GoogleCast X X X X X
LG GoogleCast X X X X
Philips GoogleCast X X X X
JBL GoogleCast X X X X
B&O / B&O Play GoogleCast X X X X
Polk GoogleCast X X X X
Brookstone GoogleCast X X X X
Grundig GoogleCast X X X X
Raumfeld GoogleCast X X X X
Sonos X X
Audirvana (Mac) X X X X
Bluesound/NAD X X X
BubbleUPnP (Android) X X X X
Logitech Squeezebox X X X
Linn X X X
Auralic X X X
Devialet Phantom/Dialog X X X
Yamaha MusicCast X X
USB Audio Player Pro (Android) X X X X
Aurender X X X
Cocktail Audio X X
Popcorn Hour X X X
Harman Kardon OMNI X X
Lumin X X X
Samsung Multi-Room X X X
Cabasse / Awox X X
Arcam X X X
ElectroCompaniet X X X
Hifi Akademie X X X
Teac / Esoteric X X X
Advance Acoustic X X
iEast X X
Mark Levinson X X X
Targa / Silvercrest X X
Musaic X X X
Sim Audio / Moon X X
Burmester X X X
Lindemann X X X
Freebox Revolution X X X X
Melco X X
Paradim DTS Play-Fi X X X
Martin Logam DTS Play-Fi X X X
Klipsch DTS Play-Fi X X X
Anthem DTS Play-Fi X X X
Polk DTS Play-Fi X X X
McIntosh DTS Play-Fi X X X

Native experience, bluetooth and AirPlay

For a native experience with our own applications for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone, Bluetooth is the transmission standard, and without doubt the most universal option. However, the sound quality is limited to MP3, without CD Quality or Hi-Res compatibility. By contrast, Apple’s AirPlay allows you to enjoy streaming in CD Quality.

Bluetooth selection*Bluetooth on iOS


GoogleCast, a technology integrated in our mobile applications, allows music streaming up to 24-bit / 96 kHz Hi-Res quality on iOS and Android. GoogleCast compatible devices are mainly the Chromecast Audio key. The brands HIFI, LG, SONY, Philips, B&O, B&O Play, JBL, Harman Kardon, Raumfeld, Polk, Grundig and Brookstone are all compatible with GoogleCast.

GoogleCast on iOS*Transfer your music on GoogleCast

Qobuz is also accessible through other manufacturers, in that it is ‘hosted’ in their iOS or Android applications. The user experience is no longer native, but attempts, as closely as possible, to mirror the experience of our own applications. This is the case with Sonos, Harman Kardon OMNI, Popcorn Hour and Cocktail Audio. Note that these integrations are currently limited to True CD Quality.


Partner integrations

Finally, to take advantage of Hi-Res streaming via a subscription to Qobuz Sublime, our partners Yamaha MusicCast, Bluesound, NAD, Linn, Devialet, Auralic, SamsungLumin, Teac, Esoteric, Mark Levinson, T+A, Musaic and ElectroCompaniet.

BubbleUPnP is not, strictly speaking, a manufacturer, but its Android application uniquely permits the user to stream Qobuz in Hi-Res, and does so for any UPnP/DLNA on the market.

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