New application for Mac and PC: your comments… and our responses #1

Written by Qobuz

Our application for Mac and PC has been out for almost three months. We are constantly working to improve it – updates and improvements have been made practically every week since its launch. We have been listening to your queries, and sometimes even your complaints, about some of its elements. Let’s take a look at what you’ve said.

A question of columns

Why can’t we change the order of columns (title, artist, album, length etc.) as we like any more?
This freedom which we gave the user was significant. But it also created some wrinkles, because it meant creating as many interfaces as there were users, and got in the way of our aim of offering a unique experience in terms of functionality as well as in terms of design. So from now on, we are offering a clearer organisation of columns.

Why have certain columns disappeared? In particular the “label” column?
For reasons of efficiency and display space, the application will now offer a fixed number of columns. That said, none of the information contained in the columns has been lost: you can now sign them by hovering the cursor over the track’s row. And the Label column will return in a future update. In the playlists, in particular.

My music

Why can you still only have up to 1,000 tracks in one playlist?
Let’s be honest, now: a playlist with 1000 tracks on it is not a playlist. It’s a warehouse!  The real question is: why would you want to make a playlist with 1000 tracks? Actually, we were tardy about allowing you to organise your music the way you like. To set this right, Qobuz is developing new functions linked to arranging “your music”. We will offer you some new tools in a few weeks – you will no longer need to resort to setting up a thousand-track playlist!  In particular, we will provide a “Titles” view, to allow you to access all your music, whether it has been placed in a playlist, in favourites or elsewhere.

Why isn’t the Sleeve View mode active any more?
We are currently re-working all the functions related to how Qobuz users arrange their music, by expanding them and offering users new tools. Among these you will find a similar view to what you had with the “sleeve” view for playlists.

I don’t understand why tracks are visible when I can’t play them…
As with all streaming actors, some albums/tracks aren’t available for streaming. This is to do with artists’ wishes, and more generally with what the rightsholders want.
Remember that with Qobuz, as well as listening to extracts for these non-streamable albums/tracks, you can easily buy them with one click and stream them in the app in FLAC (16 Bit / 44.1 kHz ) quality, or in Hi-Res 24-bit. This is something that most of our competitors don’t offer. That being said, we will give the user the option of whether or not to display the tracks which are not available for streaming.

The function for multi-selection of musical genres also seems to have disappeared…
From now on, you will actually have an “all musical genres” display option. The personalisation functions which will be out soon will allow you to find multiple musical choices.

What’s up with the search engine?
The experience of searching and displaying results has been significantly improved for the new version. An improved search engine is number one on our to-do list.