Import your playlists into Qobuz with Soundiiz!

Written by Qobuz

Many of you have asked us how to import your personal playlists from other streaming platforms into Qobuz.

Here’s how to do it with Soundiiz!

First, go to Soundiiz and click “Import playlists to Qobuz

1. Log in

2. Next click the Qobuz icon, then enter your username and password.
Do the same thing with the platform that has the playlists you want to convert

3. Next select your choice of playlist, click ““then click “Convert to

4. You can rename your personal playlist and even add a description. Next click the platform on which you want to convert your music, then click “Save configuration

5. Click “Confirm Tracklist”

Your playlist is then converted…

And that’s it! Your personal playlists are directly accessible in the “My playlists” tab of your Qobuz account.
You can now stream your playlists from Qobuz!