Qobuz update to Android application

Written by Qobuz

A new, more fluid and efficient player

Today Qobuz launches an update on its Android application (5.1.0). This new version will be gradually proposed to Qobuz’s Android users.

The main objective of this update to the Qobuz application is to correct any bugs and annoyances that may affect the user experience, specifically relating to the listening of music by streaming. This update includes:

  • The complete technical redesign of the music player
  • The complete renovation of local storage management (cache, download, imports).

This new version will also bring certain new features that users have suggested for the application:

  • The ability to use the application in landscape mode
  • More freedom left to the users with regards to the management of storage locations (local, SD, etc) and the cache size.


Deletion of locally stored music

This update, specifically the renovation of local storage management, will cause the deletion of saved music on all of our Android users’ applications (music you find in the « Offline Library » tab which allows you to listen to music offline).

  • These tracks can still be listened to on the application , but you will have to import/download them again if you wish to have them restored to the « Offline Library » tab.

If you want to be able to easily find the tracks which you had saved to your Offline Library, we advise you to save them to a playlist or to your favourites. This way it will be easier to re-import/download them once the update has taken place.

We are aware of the inconvenience of this update for our users. The decision of whether to go ahead or not with this development was not easy, but it is our responsibility to give you the best service and musical experience, this includes regularly updated, effective applications.

Have an idea for us? Found a bug? Want to suggest improvements?

Write to us at  android@qobuz.com