Qobuz is now compatible with CarPlay

Written by Qobuz

Qobuz arrives on CarPlay as a beta version, now available on the AppStore. You can now listen to your favourite tracks in the car, via Qobuz.

Important : As this is only a beta version for the moment, you can only use Qobuz on CarPlay with albums, tracks and playlists pre-imported to your smartphone’s “offline library”. Find a reminder on the steps to follow at the end of this article.
You can also enjoy your cache music by initially selecting “show cache music”. If not, navigate to the “stockage” section in options.

How to use CarPlay with Qobuz

Make sure you are in a location where CarPlay is available and make sure that your car is compatible with CarPlay (see the list of compatible models).

  1. Start your car, make sure Siri is activated.
  2. Connect your iPhone to your car:
    • If your car allows CarPlay through a USB cable, connect your iPhone to your vehicle’s USB port. The USB port may have a label with a CarPlay or smartphone icon.
    • If your car allows wireless CarPlay, hold the voice command button on your steering wheel. Make sure that wireless or bluetooth mode is activated on your car’s radio. Then, on your iPhone, go to Settings > General > CarPlay, select “Available Cars”, then select your vehicle. Refer to the vehicle manual for more info.
  3. On your car’s screen, select the Qobuz icon and navigate.

If you have trouble configuring CarPlay, you can find more info on Apple support.

List of accessories compatible with CarPlay

If you encounter a problem linked to the Qobuz app on CarPlay, get in contact with our team through this email address: http://on.qobuz.com/support

Reminder: how to listen to your imported tracks, albums and playlists offline

  • Album/playlist: click on the “import” icon or hold down on the icon to choose a specific import quality for your album/playlist.
  • Track: go to track options and select “import in quality”.