Qobuz becomes the first music company member of the High End Society

Written by Qobuz

As the 60th member and first member of this specific area of the music industry, Qobuz was accepted into the High End Society for High Quality Audio and Video Reproduction on November 1st.

Like Qobuz, the High End Society e.V. considers itself as a hi-fi ambassador, reproducing sound and images at the highest level. The association founded in Germany in the early 1980s primarily counts manufacturers and distributors of sophisticated high-end devices among its members. Qobuz is now the first member of the music industry which provides the perfect accompaniment to high quality audio devices with its streaming and downloadable content.

Together with the High End Society e.V., Qobuz wants to pursue its goal of convincing people of the added value of listening to music in high definition, as it sounds when it is recorded in the studio, thanks to high quality audio files and suitable equipment.

Benoît Rébus, Head of Global Innovative Partnerships at Qobuz, is pleased to be joining the club: “Having exhibited for several years at the High End Show in Munich, we are delighted to finally join the High End Society e.V. in order to promote music listening in the best possible quality together with a strong partner. We are also proud to be working with the German industry to accelerate the growth of the digital music market.”

Jürgen Timm, CEO of the High End Society e.V., also looks forward to the collaboration: “We are very happy to welcome Qobuz into our circle of industry experts. The high quality of the content offered by Qobuz (24-Bit Hi-Res audio streaming and downloads) is an excellent addition to the association, whose membership structure has previously been characterised by manufacturers and distributors of high quality consumer electronics. Personally, I am looking forward to a fantastic and successful cooperation with Qobuz as a member of our association”.

For more than 30 years, the High End Society has hosted the annual High End Show in Munich, where Qobuz is regularly represented. The show has become the world’s leading high-end consumer electronics show, giving Qobuz the opportunity to network with manufacturers, distributors and, of course, its users to promote its offers and industry innovations every year.

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